About Us

About Us

We provide best-in-class Enterprise web applications, Hosting services, Data platforms, Mobile app, and Web site development, approaching every project with privacy and cybersecurity at the forefront of our minds.

Our Mission

Cyberdiversity gives you a place where you can truly enjoy your freedom of speech and share your views with people who get it, just like you.

Cyberdiversity stands firmly and believes fiercely that your thoughts and your personal information are yours and yours alone. Cyberdiversity will keep you safer because our infrastructure has been built from scratch. In addition, we are proud that NO information hosted on our servers will be monitored or tracked by outside entities.

Our Principles

We have three principles:

  1. Trust

    We believe that trust is the foundation upon which relationships are built and that trust is critical to success.

    We believe that trust is defined as having a strong belief in the character, strength, or ability of someone or something.

  2. Diversity of Thought and Freedom of Views

    We strongly believe that there is more than one way to think about something.

    We firmly believe in true freedom of your speech where you are not censored.

  3. Privacy

    We believe in safeguarding your thoughts and your personal information.

    We believe that your online presence is yours and yours alone and not for a 3rd party to monitor.